DMK specializes in customized paramedical pre-and post-operative treatments and advanced resurfacing skin revision protocols to encourage optimum results through their unique 4 step concept – Backed By Science, Real Results and 50 Years Of Pure Dedication!


The DMK CONCEPT is our approach to revising the skin. The aim of this approach is to assist the skin in restoring its natural rhythm, balance and function by retraining the skin cells to return to their natural healthy state – REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN – The Science Of Skin Revision


Over the years, DMK’s unique innovations in the skincare industry have changed the way aestheticians view and treat the skin. DMK’s unique concept has won worldwide recognition and is widely endorsed by the medical profession and beauty professionals around the globe.

The DMK System Offers:

  • Advanced Treatments For All Types of Acne
  • Superior Age Management Protocols
  • Effective Solutions For Addressing Pigmentation
  • Scar Revision
  • Highly Effective Solutions For Most Stubborn Skin Conditions
  • Hair Removal Treatment
  • Advanced Foot Treatment / Pedicures
  • Full Body Skin Revision Treatments
  • Skin Support For Other Modalities

Before & After

These amazing results are possible for you too.