About Revive Aesthetics…

Gillian has been in the skincare industry since 2013 when she finished her qualification as a Somatologist at Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town. Since graduating she worked at various skincare salons in different regions of Cape Town, where she gained more knowledge and experience in her field. This also exposed her to various cultural/social differences and needs with skincare, which helped her work on a variety of skin conditions.

“I believe wellness is a holistic approach, we have to take care of every aspect of our well-being internally and externally, in order to live a long healthy life.”

Over the years she has continued her education with training courses and conferences on various national and international skincare brands. She believes in continuously educating herself, as there are always new discoveries and new technology in this industry. Educating her clients during treatments is also of utmost importance, to give them an understanding of what is happening in their skin/body and how to achieve certain goals.

Gillian Adonis:

Owner Revive Aesthetics

Somatologist (SAAHSP; CIDESCO)

DMK Paramedical Dermal Technician

At Revive Aesthetics, we specialize in Danne Montague-King (DMK) advanced treatments, treating skin conditions such as Acne, Pigmentation and Age Management to achieve healthier skin. Gillian is also very passionate about Massage Therapy, relieving tensions in the body and helping to obtain optimum well-being. She also believes in incorporating the importance of knowledge about Nutrition, and how it affects your skin, body and overall health. We are committed to providing excellent service and treatments with results that our clients will enjoy as they continue to return to Revive Aesthetics.